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One of our biggest obsessions is preserve those crops and those recipes that have fed us so healthily since time immemorial. Unfortunately, we are currently at risk of losing them. We are talking about old cereal and legume crops, which retain all their properties intact and have not been genetically modified. We also refer to the elaboration of the different flours and specialties that we produce from these cereals and legumes, ground in a stone mill to respect as much as possible their nutritional and organoleptic qualities. And, of course, we also talk about the traditional recipes that appear in the old reference recipes of our gastronomic culture, the basis of our preserves and prepared dishes.

  • Cereals: Florence Aurora, Egyptian Wheat or Khorasan, Spelled
  • Legumes: Pardina Lentil and Alta Segarra Chickpea

Take a look at our catalog to discover traditional recipes, packaged in glass jars and innovative elaborations with old cereals and legumes in sustainable packaging.