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Hort del Silenci has won the InnoForum 2022 award for the most sustainable product, within the framework of the Gastronomic Forum Barcelona. This fair is held from Monday until today, Wednesday 9th, at the Fira Barcelona de Montjuïc site. The product chosen was the Tagliatella Florence Aurora with Tomato, Garlic and Basil. It is one of the novelties that the brand is exhibiting these days at the Fair.

It is a food pasta made on the basis of an ancient cereal, Florence Aurora wheat, grown locally and locally, with the flavor of tomato, garlic and basil. It is part of the project to recover old traditional native varieties of the Lleida area, more resilient and less demanding of water, ground in a stone mill and made by hand. It is a product officially certified as organic and vegan and has sustainable packaging; biodegradable plastic bag.

You will find us at stand 325, hall 8, floor 0, street A.