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Extra ECO Virgin Oils 500 ml

Made from organic Arbequina olives and only by mechanical procedures, a feature that provides a very mild and pleasant taste on the palate

Extra Virgin Oil 3 L ECO

Produced from organic Arbequina olives and only through mechanical procedures, a characteristic that provides a very soft and pleasant flavor to the palate

Broken olive ECO

The Split Green Olive, Orchard of Silence, has an intense green colloration and an elongated shape.

Its crunchy texture and flavor Fruity; They make them a perfect addition to snacks.

Olive Arbequina ECO

Organic Arbequina olive.

It originates from the town of Arbeca, in the region of Les Garrigues (Lleida), where its name comes from.

Arbequina is a small olive, more rounded than elongated, oval and almost symmetrical, of a green / violet color.

Black olive ECO Empeltre

Organic olive black graft.
Olive with a fine and soft texture, but very tasty.
Ideal for salads, snacks, pizzas, sliced cod…

ECO wrinkled Olive Empeltre

Ecological wrinkled olive empeltre

Black olive with graft of the graft variety. It is bright jet black, packaged without liquid, thus retaining all the properties and vitamins of the olive itself, as well as its characteristic taste and aroma. It contains a high percentage of calcium and iron.

Arbequina Olive Spread

Arbequina olives, extra virgin olive oil and salt. Coming from organic farming.

Empeltre olive Spread

Empeltre black olives, extra virgin olive oil and salt. Coming from organic farming