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Hort del silenci

Who we are?

We are an agricultural company with character and commercial vocation, with the purpose of rooting and being an accomplice of the territory, a reference player, to promote the initiative of the product of organic production and of proximity.

The brand that receives the packaged and processed foods of organic production for human consumption of the group “Cooperativa d’Artesa de Segre”, through Hort del Silenci, specializing exclusively in organic food production.

Hort del Silenci was born from the desire of “Cooperativa d’Artesa” to grow together with society, adapting to the requirements of sustainability, qualitative improvement and food security, being present from the cultivation and production to the final elaboration, with the purpose to be closer to the consumer with certified organic and local food.

In 1958 the “Cooperativa d’Artesa de Segre” was founded, a benchmark that has accompanied and strengthened agricultural and livestock development, thus contributing to the territorial balance. It currently offers services to 1,137 members in the counties of La Noguera, Pallars Jussà, La Segarra, Urgell and Alt Urgell. Currently there are 800 hectares certified for organic production, destined for legumes, vegetable gardens and cereals.
Hort del silenci

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