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Hort del silenci

Who are we?

We are an agricultural company with a commercial character and vocation, with the firm purpose of rooting and being an accomplice of the territory, a reference actor, to promote the initiative of the product of local and local ecological production.

We pursue as the engine of our purpose to generate employment and agricultural and food processing activities in the territory, as at the same time to be a mirror for similar or complementary activities.

With the aim of generating possibilities for young people in the rural world to avoid depopulation and/or encouraging others from the urban world to establish themselves in the economy of rural Catalonia.

Hort del Silenci is born from the will to grow together with society, adapting to the requirements of sustainability, good practices, qualitative improvement and food safety, being present from the cultivation, production and to the final elaboration, with the purpose of being closer to the consumer with local and certified organic food items that bring them health, social and environmental, as well as gastronomic, values.

The year 1987 was the beginning of the commercial activity, transformation and distribution of agricultural products from the areas of the counties of central Catalonia and La Segarra towards Barcelona and the metropolitan area.

It was in 2014 that we started cultivation and production with organic certification as a result of becoming aware that the conventional production of monocultures did not meet our ideals and requirements of the activity.

The three written pillars and guide of our project tell us that the activity has to be good and bring value, both to us as farmers and processors, to others as consumers, suppliers or customers and to the place where we are; to the environment and society.

Maintaining the balance between the three pillars is our vocation and where we put all our enthusiasm, work and passion.

Hort del silenci

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