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ECO vegetable egg

It is the chickpea flour conditioned to be a substitute for the egg.


Flour prepared to make bechamel of vegetable origin.

Tempura for frying Free Gluten ECO

It is the flour that we extract from our chickpea Alta Segarra after grinding it in a stone mill slowly to prevent the chickpea from heating up and losing nutrients; packaged with rice flour and baking soda to achieve a crispier batter and more volume.

Bolognese Sauce

With the ripe tomatoes ready, we make our bolognese sauce with tomato, textured soy and extra virgin olive oil. Accompanied by excellent taste and texture. Product from own cultivation with ecological and proximity certification. Made carefully and by hand and with food guarantee.

Ingredients: Tomato, soy, onion, OOVE olive oil, garlic, brown sugar, salt, spices (pepper, thyme and bay leaf). Coming from organic farming.

Presentation: 445 ml glass jar.

GTIN code: 8436566723558