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On January 1, 2023, the reduction and/or elimination of VAT on some foods came into force. It is a measure applied by the Spanish Government in order to alleviate the rise in prices derived, among others, from the war in Ukraine and the increase in the cost of raw materials. In this context, a large part of our products have been affected by this remunerative change. How?

ECO legumes in grain: goes from 4 to 0%
ECO Cereals in grain: goes from 4 to 0%
ECO bakery flours: goes from 4 to 0% (wheat, Khorasan wheat, Florence Aurora wheat, buckwheat, spelt, panis, rye, oats and teff)

  • The VAT exemption is also effective for bakery flours made from ECO gluten-free cereals: (buckwheat, panís, oats and teff))
  • However, this is NOT the case of our EASY MIX range, as they are mixtures of different flours and, therefore, VAT remains at 10%. The suppression also does not apply to ECO bakery flours made with legumes, which also remain at 10%.

    ECO oil: goes from 10 to 5%
    ECO pasta: goes from 10 to 5%

For now, the measure will be valid until June 30 of this year. We will stay tuned to update the information.