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Hort del Silenci and Farines Ylla 1878 have jointly created a new line of mixes. The collaboration unites conscious and ecological agriculture with the best flour producers in the country. It is a bridge between the primary and industrial sectors with the common goal of offering healthy, local, 100% sustainable products. Synergies are created at the level of innovation and R&D, with own and local crops and raw materials. Different marketing channels than usual are also explored for each of the two parties. In short, a new door is opened to the market to acquire, locally, products that are already in high demand in other countries in the rest of Europe, such as cereal and legume mixes to make bread and pastries at home, as well as well as in large format, in the workshops and kitchens of different collectives.

– Corn bread
– Spelt bread
_ Yogurt gingerbread
– Cereal and Seed Bread

We are clear that food is key to people’s health and, for this reason, we are convinced that adding talent and resources benefits society as a whole. In this sense, we work under strict food safety parameters. How? With sustainable agricultural practices that we carry out in the countryside. Also with the control of the mixing processes in the flour mill or their conservation. For this reason, we can guarantee full product traceability.