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This year, as predicted, the harvest has been very low. One of the main reasons has been the lack of rain between the months of February and April. The average production has been around 1000kg per hectare (this year, barley has been more productive than wheat). On the other hand, the rainfall at the end of May and the beginning of June favored the appearance of large amount of grasses (both new and adventitious), leading to an increase in humidity that also made harvesting difficult in many fields.

As for the ancient wheats, we have noticed that the Florence Aurora has stood up to the heat better and has had a higher production than Khorasan wheat or spelt, where the production has been very low. In legumes, production has also been short; it has remained between 400 and 500 kg per hectare. This was because of the small size of the plants, which did not grow due to lack of water. On the other hand, during the flowering period, sufficient water was available to be able to develop and fill. This also became a problem when harvesting, due to the difficulty of picking the lowest grains from the plant. The high amount of weeds present in the fields also brought an added difficulty.

We therefore conclude that this has been a year of low production where, in addition, little straw has been available, which has led to an increase in its cost to levels never before reached.